Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Make money with your iphone or andriod phone!!!

I'm going to tell you how you can earn some extra cash with just using your own iphone or android device. The first thing is called featurepoints. In featurepoints you have to download apps, but once you download the apps and run for about 10 seconds you'll earn points.You can then spend those points on the rewards they offer. They offer amazon gift cards, itunes gift cards, mobile games, or just money through paypal. Do not worry all of there apps are FREE to download, NO CHARGE at all. Just go to your iphones browser and go to Tap on the sign up and it will ask you to install. Its safe to install so no need to worry. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT STEP, after installation you will be taken to the terms and condition and above all the terms is a space where you can use a referral code to already start with 50 points, use my code PSB08S, (that is a zero not the letter).Its better than starting with nothing at all. After you have used my code  just agree to the terms and start earning. IF FOR ANY REASON the my code didn't work use this code C4MBNC.
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